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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I hold my civil wedding in the UK?

The simplest (and cheapest) civil ceremonies are held in local authority Register Offices, spread evenly across the whole of the UK. Venues vary from the utilitarian to the really rather pleasant, and some have become famous in their own right (Marylebone Register Office in Westminster, London has hosted weddings of many a pop and film star).

England, Wales and Scotland also offer you the opportunity to hold your civil wedding outside of a Register Office - the Registrar comes to you... for a price. Local authorities have licensed thousands of rooms in some rather exciting venues; everything from castles, stately homes, moored ships, gazebos, zoos, sports stadia, caves, the London Eye to your favourite restaurant. The best venues, of course, don’t come cheap and often get booked up on popular dates for years ahead. In Scotland you even have the opportunity to get any suitable place temporarily licensed.

Weddings must also take place during the daytime, except in Scotland where you have just a little more leeway.

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