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Did I hear that the law on where you can marry in the UK is being changed?

Yes and no! Back in January 2002, our government released a consultation paper suggesting that England, Wales and Northern Ireland could fall into line with Scotland, so that the celebrant would be licensed rather than the venue. In practice this would mean that couples could marry practically anywhere they liked, so long as the celebrant made sure that the venue was safe, appropriate and open to the public (no bungee jumping or sky diving, I’m afraid!).

Read what Helen had to say when she was interviewed by AP’s Beth Gardiner on this matter and found herself syndicated around the world!

Unfortunately, the government decided to lump in the marriage bit with everything else that needs changing with how we deal with registering births, marriages and deaths and then how and who can access these records. On top of that they decided to do this by an ’order’ under the ’Regulatory Reform Act 2001’ (which is really designed to tinker uncontroversially with existing laws) rather than a ’real’ new law. And then they added Civil Parnerships into the mix to add fuel to the fire.

The changes to the law were supposed to be put into practice by 2005 but the inevitable happened... too many problems in too many areas meant that the changes to the wedding laws were abandoned and the only survivor of the venture was the welcome introduction of Civil Partnerships.

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