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Frequently Asked Questions

What must my non-European partner do to marry me in the UK?

Well, UK law does not basically distinguish at all between nationalities when it comes to getting wed, but unfortunately the Government have just made things extremely difficult for citizens from countries outside the EEA (which is basically the EU and a few other European countries like Switzerland) to marry in the UK by insisting on special Visas or a Home Office Certificate and attendance at special designated Register Offices to give notice.

The new law doesn't apply to the Church of England/Wales, so some couples are apparently untouched by the new stipulations. Our understanding, though, is that that immigration enquiries might well be made by the church and their other stipulations mean that this is by no means an ’easy option’.

If you think these changes might affect you in any way, please read our legal pages before getting too deep into your planning! And be prepared to take detailed advice from a Registrar or vicar at an early stage.

Please note that we can’t offer more than very general advice on visas and residency issues. Contact your local embassy or consulate if in doubt!

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